Elizabeth Gamble Garden
Palo Alto, California
September 2007

I make a habit of checking the internet to find out if there are any gardens in an area I will be visiting. That’s how I happened to visit the Elizabeth Gamble Garden. I’d never really heard of it, so it wasn’t on my list (a long one) of gardens I hope to visit. Being in Palo Alto though, it seemed a crime not to check it out. Since I had no expectations, I couldn’t be disappointed.

The garden is located in a very residential neighborhood. In fact, except for a small sign at the end of the driveway, it looks like a typical neighborhood home.

The house and front yard are beautiful but give no indication that this is a public garden. There was a small public concert going on in the garden which was really the only indication that the space was public. This struck me as a great example of what a small, community garden should be.

There are beautiful garden beds that are obviously used by community groups. These surround a lovely gazebo.

It's not a garden for tourists as much as for locals. I can't recommend it as a garden to visit, but if I lived in the area I'd love having such a resource available.

here for more Elizabeth Gamble Garden photos.

To visit the official website of the Elizabeth Gamble Garden, click

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